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If you are looking for an interesting advertising idea, custom embroidered patches are the answer! Choose stylish, professional and creative way to promote your club, brand or organisation.

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Embroidered patches are a traditional way of promoting teams and companies. Once available mainly to the military, today they are used to promote numerous organisations, societies and ideas all over the world. Due to affordable prices and customers’ friendly order system, our custom embroidered patches are now available to everyone.

stalkerPatchsy is a recognised embroidery company, providing custom embroidery services and products for hundreds of clients in the Ireland. We guarantee top quality performance every time you choose us, even for a single patch. Our creativity and experience in this field will help you express your ideas and promote them better! Simply have a look at the pictures of our patches to see how flexible our services are.

We made top quality patch of 
Provincial Arms of Ireland

Some examples of custom embroidered patches that we do:

  • Cartoon Patches
  • Flag Patches
  • Insignia Patches
  • Logo Patches
  • Martial Art Patches
  • Military Patches
  • Motorcycle Patches
  • Sports Patches

In the past patches were made by hand and it took many days to prepare a good one. The quality depended on the person who made the patch and varied between pieces. Today it is a whole different story. Our company uses modern digital machines to produce top quality patches. Every single item is perfect in every detail.

three-amigosOur company not only provides ready made patches to attach to clothes, bags or gadgets. We also embroider logos and other designs of your choice directly on clothes, i.e. T-shirts. This solution is perfect for school uniforms, children’s costumes, working clothes. No matter if you choose a ready patch or embroidery service, we guarantee great results in the shortest possible time. With affordable prices, no minimum order or set-up charge our company results the best solution for all your embroidery needs.

Custom Embroidery Patches are proud to have satisfied customers all over the world. We offer free quotation sent via Internet, online advice and worldwide shipping.

If you are interested in receiving a free quote, please email us the following details of your order:

  • JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or CDR format design
  • The size of the patch (width, height)
  • Twill and pattern
  • Quantity of patches you would like to order
  • Any alternations to be done (colours, extra details)

Once you accept the quotation, the patches will be ready in up to 15 days. The approximate delivery time is 3 days. For shipments outside the Ireland allow up to 9-15 days for delivery.
Every time you need help and assistance, our team is here to help you with any embroidery related issue.

To request a free quote, place your order or ask any question please contact us directly through our website.