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The Irish Field Archery Monthly Magazine: Insights into its Logo Patch

The Irish Field Archery Monthly (TIFAM) is a unique, non-profit publication focused on the sport of archery in Ireland and beyond. The magazine aims to unite the archery community by sharing experiences, promoting events, and discussing relevant topics. With a diverse readership and content that reflects the views of various authors, TIFAM upholds a strong … Continue reading »

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Galway Gravel Grinder emblems

This patch is an embroidered replica of the Galway Gravel Grinder cycling event logo, displaying an array of elements archetypal of the Galway Gravel route: A mountain, a pine tree, a couple of wind turbines, a road., and, of course, a bicycle. All of them are enclosed in what appears to represent a bicycle tire … Continue reading »

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Embroidered Replica of the St Benedict Medal

One of the recently completed tasks was to make a replica of the Saint Benedict Medal. The most important task was to reproduce the letters. To improve readability, we decided, together with the client, to use black and white. invites you to order patches with your design. We make embroidered copies of coats of … Continue reading »

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Provincial Arms of Ireland – four provinces

One of our customer asked for traditional coat of arms of Ireland to be made as embroidered patch. It is Provincial Arms of Ireland. It is custom shape patch with black merrow border. We were only too happy to work on this embroidered patch of the Provincial Arms of Ireland requested by one of our … Continue reading »

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Guns N Roses patch

Round Guns N Roses merrow border small patch produced specially for one of Guns fan in West Dublin. It is embroidered at yellow fabric (the yellow colour is background – not embroidered). Click the image and check the embroidery quality. Precision of making details, professional thread layout and gives unique structure of patch. If you … Continue reading »

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All Out Design

Just dispatched. Bunch of small custom shape, white background patches for “All Out Design” . All Out Designs cooperate with brands. They bring their ideas into reality. Contact “All Out Design” for clever and engaging entertainment solutions for corporate events. They will provide custom artwork for any spaces. Check their portfolio for graffiti & street … Continue reading »

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New Wexford County Crest Emblems

We have produced recently some Wexford Crests embroidered patches. They are custom shape of shield patches 100% embroidered. Those patches are 3″ tall and  iron on is possible. After they remove the old three Viking boats crest in 1988, they started to use new coat of arm design. The present Wexford County Crest is the … Continue reading »

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Rozpierducha bez chamowy IRELAND 2014

We have created hundreds of custom biker patches for a cool motorcycle rally called “Rozpierducha bez chamowy IRELAND 2014” which is the largest meeting of Polish bikers in Ireland. The patch is round shape with the white background and merrow border finished. There is a double red running stitch circle next to the outside border. The … Continue reading »

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NASA Patch

Custom embroidered patch made for NASA

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