Provincial Arms of Ireland – four provinces

One of our customer asked for traditional coat of arms of Ireland to be made as embroidered patch. It is Provincial Arms of Ireland. It is custom shape patch with black merrow border. We were only too happy to work on this embroidered patch of the Provincial Arms of Ireland requested by one of our customers. The escutcheon’s black merrow border, made from intricate needlework, confines the four provincial flags of Ireland.

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Velcro and Iron on backing types available.

On the top-left quadrant of the shield, there’s a full stitch of Leinster’s golden Irish harp with silver strings. The harp features several running stitches bringing out its fine details, a distinct outline, and an underlay helping the harp stand out from the green field.

The emblems of Connacht, Ulster, and Munster follow the same craftsmanship, giving the coat of arms an elegant silken finish. The interplay between the four tinctures of green, white-blue, yellow, and navy blue makes for a striking variegated pattern enough to bring out the life on any surface.

The detailed finishing of the coat of arms not only makes it alluring, but it is easy to have it stitched on other surfaces.

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