The Irish Field Archery Monthly Magazine: Insights into its Logo Patch

The Irish Field Archery Monthly (TIFAM) is a unique, non-profit publication focused on the sport of archery in Ireland and beyond. The magazine aims to unite the archery community by sharing experiences, promoting events, and discussing relevant topics. With a diverse readership and content that reflects the views of various authors, TIFAM upholds a strong commitment to transparency and accuracy. In this article, we will delve into the visual representation of this dynamic publication by examining its logo and brand identity.

Design Elements

The design of the logo is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication, ensuring that it is easily recognizable and memorable. The main elements of the logo include:

  1. A stylized archer with bow, representing the sport of archery and its significance as the magazine’s central focus.
  2. A shamrock, a symbol of Ireland and its rich cultural heritage, which is seamlessly integrated into the patch design.
  3. The magazine’s name, “The Irish Field Archery Monthly,” displayed in a bold, clear font, emphasizing the publication’s dedication to providing accurate and reliable information on the sport.

The combination of these elements creates a visually appealing logo that effectively communicates the magazine’s purpose and identity.

Embroidered Patch of The Irish Field Archery Magazine

Patchsy, a renowned custom patch manufacturer, proudly crafted an exquisite embroidered patch featuring the logo of The Irish Field Archery magazine. This innovative creation seamlessly blended artistry, precision, and the essence of archery within a small embroidered emblem.
Patchsy initiated a meticulous design process to bring this vision to life. Their team of skilled graphic designers collaborated closely with the magazine to accurately capture the intricate details of their logo. Carefully selecting vibrant threads and premium materials, they ensured the patch would be a true reflection of the magazine’s identity.

The most challenging part of digitising the logo was to design a small lettering of the word “Monthly” and shades of leafs visible at both shamrocks. Our artists spend some time making a Celtic Knot around the patch. It is a symbolic pattern of a looped knot with no start or finish. The looped pattern goes on infinitely, which is thought to symbolise the eternity of life.

Utilising state-of-the-art embroidery machines, Patchsy employed their expertise to meticulously stitch each element of the logo with exceptional precision. Every curve, line, and colour gradient was masterfully recreated, resulting in a patch that epitomised the grace and dynamism of archery.

The final product showcased the logo in all its glory, with its distinct typography, vibrant colours, and intricate archery-themed and Irish-themed motifs. Thanks to Patchsy commitment to excellence, the patch featured impeccable craftsmanship and quality.

When The Irish Field Archery magazine received the embroidered patches, they were thrilled by the unparalleled attention to detail and the seamless replication of their logo. These unique patches became cherished collector’s items, proudly displayed by archery enthusiasts and loyal readers alike, embodying the passion and spirit of the magazine.


The logo and brand identity of The Irish Field Archery Monthly play a crucial role in representing the magazine’s values and mission while fostering a sense of unity and connection within the archery community. With its distinctive design and meaningful symbolism, the logo effectively conveys TIFAM’s dedication to excellence, integrity, and education in the world of archery. As the publication continues to grow and evolve, its logo and brand identity will remain a vital component of its success and impact on the sport.

Patchsy collaboration with The Irish Field Archery magazine exemplified their dedication to transforming ideas into tangible, meticulously crafted works of art. This custom embroidered patch not only celebrated the magazine’s identity but also showcased Patchsy expertise in creating exceptional and personalised products.