Galway Gravel Grinder emblems

This patch is an embroidered replica of the Galway Gravel Grinder cycling event logo, displaying an array of elements archetypal of the Galway Gravel route: A mountain, a pine tree, a couple of wind turbines, a road., and, of course, a bicycle. All of them are enclosed in what appears to represent a bicycle tire torn in half.

The turbines particularly stand out as the event is held annually in the area surrounding the Galway Wind Park (across the Galway greenbelt), with immense blades greeting cyclers in the distance. The pine tree’s insertion is also warranted, as this is the most common tree you’ll encounter when trekking the area’s gravel roads.

The bicycle, silhouetted over the golden mount, is perhaps the most well-achieved item on the patch, with the wheels as its most noteworthy feature, in terms of construction.

Perfect circles, especially that size, pose a strenuous challenge for any embroiderer. But, since we craft our custom embroidered patches with the aid of digital machines, wheels like the ones showcased here can be stitched effortlessly.

As for the rest of the patching work, it’s nothing less than flawless. You’ll witness virtually no discernible gaps whatsoever between threads.

Furthermore, each element is endowed with its peculiar texture. Case in point, the sewing on the foliage gives the impression of protruding needles not only on the sides but on the front as well. The trunk is sewn in a distinct horizontal pattern, distinguished from the rest of the tree.

The mountain likewise reminisces the viewer of the scenic pockets of pine forests that grace the surrounding hills, each characterised by its craggy appearance.

In short, no knit is accidental or random, which is why the patch can look hand-made to a degree but with a level of polish not seen regularly in hand-knitted artwork.

Custom works with us

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